2012 Maryland Fall Oyster Survey Results

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Results of Maryland’s 2012 Fall Oyster Survey show that oyster population and reproduction increased for the second consecutive year, and diseases, which decimated the oyster population in 2002, remained far below their long-term averages.

Maryland has monitored the status of the State’s oyster population through annual field surveys since 1939.

The survey tracks reproduction levels, disease levels and annual mortality rates, and offers a window into future population levels.

The 2012 Fall Oyster Survey found:

* Oyster samples had a 93 percent survival rate (highest since 1985)

* Oyster abundance increased for the second consecutive year (highest level since 1999)

* Oyster reproduction improved

* Prevalence for MSX disease set a record-low

* Dermo disease increased moderately from its record-low of 2011

source: MD DNR

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