Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative Website Upgrade

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Chesapeake Bay Watershed | photo credit: USGS

The Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative (CMC) recently unveiled a new website ( The online cooperative provides a platform to share CMC services and resources that have been developed over the past three years and are freely available.

The CMC brings together a diverse group of people who monitor water quality to provide a greater understanding of Chesapeake Bay watershed health. The new website helps promote collaboration among monitoring groups throughout the entire Chesapeake Bay region.

The CMC has developed quality assurance project plans, standard monitoring operating procedures, and an interactive database for both data collectors and data users. “These resources were produced as the foundation for the CMC and meant to be shared with our partners,” said Liz Chudoba, CMC Program Manager at the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. “This website provides the platform to explain and use these resources.”

The CMC offers participating groups much more beyond the developed tools and resources. Partners work closely with monitoring groups to determine which parameters best fit water quality questions, to provide monitoring training workshops, to format their data for incorporation into a centralized data portal (the Chesapeake Data Explorer), and more.

The Chesapeake Data Explorer is the portal for all of the data collected by CMC monitoring efforts and connects those data with the Chesapeake Bay Program.

The new website can be accessed at

source: Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative

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