Oxford Ferry


Located along the Tred Avon River, the communities of Oxford and Bellevue are linked by the nation’s oldest privately owned ferry service. These quiet communities have a long maritime history. The local ferry provides an important service for local residents. It also attracts a steady flow of tourists, eager to explore the area’s many hidden treasures.


Oxford MD


Oxford is noted for its convenient location just off the main Chesapeake Bay. Mariners will find dockage, marine service facilities, overnight accommodations, shopping, food, and other amenities. The town’s harbors shelter sailboats, pleasure boats, commercial fishing boats, and other vessels.

Across the Tred Avon River is Bellevue, a small neighborhood on a quiet peninsula. The main road out of Bellevue leads to Newcomb where another harbor serves local watermen and recreational boaters.

The stretch of the river between Oxford and Bellevue is a popular area for commercial and recreational crabbing, sailing, and other activities. During the summer season, traffic on the river can be considerable, as vessels move up and down the waterway.

Nearby are Easton, St. Michaels, and Tilghman Island.


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