Onancock Va is a small and beautiful town on the Eastern Shore of Virgina. The town is one of the oldest Eastern Shore communities. The main street leads to a town dock where boaters can launch into Onancock Creek.

Onancock Creek extends roughly 10 miles and merges in the Chesapeake Bay.Along the creek are sandy beaches, ideal for sunbathing and family outings. Further along the estuary are marshy stretches with grass beds, points and other scenic views.

Fishermen will find a wide range of fishing spots nearby. Among these are a series of productive areas along the channel edge of lower Pocomoke Sound. Excellent shallow water fishing also exists along the creek and around Watts and Parker Islands.

Onancock is also favorite destination for sailboats. The creek into town offers refuge from bad weather and is a nice location to stop off during Chesapeake Bay excursions. The town has restaraunts, shops and other services within walking distance of the harbor.