cape charles va
Cape Charles Virginia


Cape Charles Virginia is famous for its beaches, watersports, saltwater fishing, railroad hub, and historical homes.

The marina offers guest slips, fuel, and other services. Nearby are restaurants, shops, and other businesses.

The town is nationally recognized for the outstanding black drum fishing that occurs nearby. Each year, anglers come from all over the USA for a chance to catch enormous black drum as they enter the Chesapeake Bay and begin their migration to spawn.

During the warm months, Cape Charles has outstanding fishing for other species including croaker, spot, sea trout, porgy, flounder, sheepshead, spadefish, cobia, tautog, kingfish, and other species.

During the fall and early winter, Cape Charles again has outstanding fishing, with trophy striped bass being caught nearby. These fish, known locally as rockfish, congregate in the Chesapeake in great numbers with fish including bay fish that are on their way out as well as the much larger ocean fish that arrive from the Atlantic Coast to feed on the abundant schools of baitfish.

Fishing can be spectacular and often lasts right up until the season ends on December 31. After the bay season ends, the fish eventually migrate in the Atlantic, where some anglers continue fishing throughout the late winter and early spring.

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