poplar island chesapeake bay
Poplar Island Restoration | credit: USACE


Poplar Island is located in the middle bay. Nearly destroyed by erosion by the 1990’s,┬áPoplar Island has been partially restored to its 1847 outline.

The Poplar Island Paul S. Sarbanes Environmental Restoration Site, formerly known as the Poplar Island Environmental Restoration Project (PIERP) is the largest island habitat restoration project on the Atlantic coast.

When complete, the project will restore 1,715 acres of remote island habitat consisting of upland habitat, wetlands (including low and high marsh), and open water embayment.

Poplar Island provides important habitat for birds, terrapins, and other wildlife.

The island attracts an array of saltwater fish species. In 2022, invasive northern snakeheads were discovered in the island’s waterways.


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