The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a powerful, muscular retriever. Their coat is
short, dense and wavy, usually brown, red or tan. The head of the Chesapeake Bay
Retriever is broad and wide with a powerful and yet gentle looking slightly
tapered muzzle. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers have a softer profile to the head than
some breeds of retrievers. The hair on the head and face is much shorter than
the hair on the rest of the body and the large round eyes are very visible. The
eyes are yellow to amber in color and are particularly striking on darker dogs.

The breed makes friendly, intelligent and obedient dogs. They are known to be
courageous, loving and trainable although sometimes a little slow to learn.
Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are affectionate and good with children.

It is believed that the Chesapeake Bay Retriever breed originated when a
shipwreck occurred off the coast of Maryland in 1807. Legend has it that there
were two Newfoundland dogs on board that survived the shipwreck and these were
given to a local family that was known as animal lovers. The pair was crossed
with local retrievers and possibly native dogs which eventually led to the
development of a very hardy breed. The interbreeding led to dogs were well
suited for hunting and swimming in the Chesapeake Bay.