Smoots Bay Bass Reefs (Potomac River)

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In late 2016, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will be establishing two reef ball artificial reefs in Smoots Bay (Potomac River) to support bass fish habitat.

The reefs will be placed immediately south of the Hwy 495/295, Exit 2A-B interchange where the Woodrow Wilson Bridge meets the Maryland shoreline and 650 yards NNW and NNE of the northern corner of the National Harbor Marina Pier, respectively.

DNR will mark reef locations with danger buoys in the approximate positions:

Smoots Bay Danger Buoy A 38-47-30.0N, 076-01-18.3W
Smoots Bay Danger Buoy B 38-47-27.6N, 076-01-18.5W
Smoots Bay Danger Buoy C 38-47-27.7N, 076-01-14.8W
Smoots Bay Danger Buoy D 38-47-29.1N, 076-01-02.9W
Smoots Bay Danger Buoy E 38-47-30.2N, 076-01-02.5W
Smoots Bay Danger Buoy F 38-47-28.4N, 076-00-59.9W
Smoots Bay Danger Buoy G 38-47-28.1N, 076-01-01.3W

source: U.S. Coast Guard 5th District

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