New Estuary Book “The Chesapeake Watershed: A Sense of Place and a Call to Action”

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The Chesapeake Book Company has just published a significant new book by local author and environmental scientist Ned Tillman. The Chesapeake Watershed: A Sense of Place and a Call to Action is a must read for anyone living in the 6 state region that drains into the Chesapeake Bay. The book illustrates how we all have a very important role to play in restoring our environment so future generations will not have to suffer from our mismanagement.

Tillman, who is Chairman of the Howard County Environmental Sustainability Board and is past chair of the Howard County Conservancy, says he wrote the book to engage, inform, and offer suggestions to all of us on how we can help restore a healthy balance between mankind and the rest of the earth. I wrote the book so it would be of interest to everyone. It should help us all develop a greater sense of place for this wonderful region where we live. The more we appreciate what we have, the better stewards we will become.

The book is receiving great reviews and is being used in high schools and colleges, and by land trusts, nature centers, and other non-profits. Tillman is particularly pleased to see industry and the government sectors also responding to the message. “We are all in this together and I am hoping this book becomes a good tool to help inform and stimulate us all to take the actions we need to restore the bay and the ecosystems that we have come to rely upon.”

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