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The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has announced the launch of its updated Online Boating Access Guide. The web-based guide provides the location of public boating access sites across the state, as well as site-specific details on amenities, parking, directions, and fees. The new site is located at

“The previously offered data were out of date, and boaters told us they needed more information,” said Lisa Gutierrez, DNR’s Division Director of Boating Services who oversaw the project. “In addition, we wanted to reflect the growing number of non-motorized recreational boaters who wanted information on soft launch sites.”

DNR’s Boating Services Unit worked for almost two years to produce new maps and collect data from local, state and federal partners for the updated site. Boaters planning to use launch sites are encouraged to check the website before planning a trip.

While DNR provides the maps, most boat ramps are operated by county departments of parks and recreation. Contact information for these offices is provided on the new website and boaters should contact the counties for information on parking, fees, and permits, which vary.

“This new guide will help supply boaters all over Maryland, and beyond, with the information they need to access and experience Maryland’s waterways and the Chesapeake Bay,” said Bob Gaudette, DNR’s Director of Boating Services.

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