3rd Diamond Jim Imposter Rockfish Caught

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The real $25,000 Diamond Jim is still on the loose as the Maryland Fishing Challenge nears the September 6 deadline.

The third Diamond Jim imposter of the 2010 Maryland Fishing challenge was caught on August 22 by Devin Singer of Bethesda, Md. Singer was enjoying his first-ever fishing trip near James Island aboard the Charter Boat “Never Enuff,” skippered by Captain Shawn Pruitt out of Solomons, Md., when he caught the tagged striped bass. The Diamond Jim imposter, worth $500 in prize money, was one of nearly 600 rockfish tagged so far this summer.

“I didn’t know what it was when I caught it; I’ve never even been fishing before,” said Singer. “Everyone else on the boat knew. It kind of hit me halfway through the fishing trip when the captain called the verification number to report it and then I knew. I think we’re going again in September. A bunch of my friends are out all during the season and I’ll probably be piggy backing with them a lot more now.”

Over the summer, three batches of specially tagged striped bass – one authentic Diamond Jim and the rest imposters – have been released into the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. The current Diamond Jim, which was released July 29, is worth $25,000. Also still on the loose are as many as 599 imposters worth $500 each.

source: MD DNR

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