2010 Potomac River Ramble

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A special guest has been invited to the annual Potomac River Ramble, July 8-11. On the second night of this year’s canoe and kayak camping trip, the 18th century Cherokee Indian “Mankiller” Ostenaco (played by actor¬† Doug Wood) will appear in the firelight, his head painted warrior red, to tell the story of how he led 130 men into war to protect British settlers against the fury of the French.

The Potomac River Ramble, sponsored by the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin and led by River & Trail Outfitters, is an annual, multi-day canoe and kayak trip featuring riverside camping, catered meals, restoration projects, history talks, nature walks and environmental education.

Biologists, historians, geologists and other experts will meet the group of paddlers along the way for hands-on instruction and discussion. Organizers hope participants will become intimately connected with the “nation’s river” by camping alongside it as they paddle the three-day course.

This year’s event begins Thursday evening, July 8 and ends Sunday afternoon, July 11. Experienced guides and other experts will lead paddlers from Town Creek Park, W.Va. through the gorges and rolling hills of the Potomac River’s Paw Paw Bends, ending at Little Orleans.

No paddling experience is necessary, and you do not have to register for the entire trip. The cost is $55 per day and includes meals, camping fees, guides, shuttle and educational programming. If you do not have a boat, rentals are available; prices include delivery and pickup.

For more information please visit:  http://www.potomacriver.org/cms/

You may also contact Jennifer Willoughby with the ICPRB at 301-984-1908 ext. 109 or JWilloughby@icprb.org; or Lee Baihly with River & Trail Outfitters at 301-988-5712 or lee@rivertrail.com.

The Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin has been working to enhance and protect the Potomac River and its tributaries through regional and interstate partnerships since 1940. River and Trail Outfitters has been guiding trips since 1972, annually outfitting more than 30,000 people on various rivers in the Potomac watershed.

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