Choptank Fishing Pier Named in Honor of Bill Burton

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The Board of Public Works approved the naming of the Choptank River Fishing Pier in Dorchester County in honor of Bill Burton, a reporter, writer and fisherman who has for more than 50 years chronicled outdoor opportunities for Maryland citizens. The Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park offers a perfect tribute to Bill’s life and work – the pier is a destination fishing sport for anglers, and a popular access point for many working families of Maryland – and he was instrumental in preserving the Choptank River Bridge for a fishing pier when the new bridge was constructed.

Bill’s commitment to the promotion, sustainability and prosperity of fishing and hunting in Maryland is unquestioned by those that know him, especially during the past two years as he has continued to write professionally while fighting cancer. Despite many physical setbacks, he continues to fish and write about fishing, hunting and the great outdoors. In April, Burton was inducted into the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association Hall of Fame. The year’s Maryland Fishing Challenge also celebrates Bill’s life and career.

source: DNR press release

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