Chesapeake Bay Anglers Prepare for Spot and Croaker Runs

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Late summer and early fall is prime time for catching big spot and croakers in the middle and lower Chesapeake Bay. As summer heats up, spot and croaker begin to school up and are caught in ever increasing numbers in many Chesapeake hotspots.

This fishing is easy and newcomers will find spot and croaker to be rewarding fish to go after. Anglers need only a sensitive rod and reel in good condition, bottom rigs and baits such as bloodworms, squid strips, pieces of shrimp, cut peeler crab, or synthetic bait products such as fish bites.

By late July and early August, anglers sometimes experience unbelievable catches of both species. As the season goes on, a larger class of spot arrive, known for their bronze or yellow coloring. Mixed in with the spot-croaker runs are Spanish mackerel, bluefish, gray trout, pigfish, catfish, and other species.

Spot and croaker fishing often gets better and better thru September. Many anglers prefer the fall as the summer crowds have left and the temperatures are cooler. Both species linger in parts of the Bay until late fall.


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