2013 Diamond Jim Rockfish

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The Diamond Jim component of the 2013 Maryland Fishing Challenge kicked off recently when Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) biologists and teams of young anglers caught, tagged and released 200 striped bass into the Chesapeake Bay.

One of the tagged fish is the official Diamond Jim worth $10,000 to the angler who catches him before midnight on June 30. The other tagged “imposter” rockfish are worth at least $500 each if caught and registered before midnight on Labor Day, September 2, 2013.

Over the summer, hundreds of imposters and one genuine Diamond Jim will be pursued by anglers. If the real Diamond Jim goes uncaught, the bounty increases from $10,000 in June, to $20,000 in July, and $25,000 in August. The contest features a guaranteed $25,000 payout, so if Diamond Jim is not caught by Labor Day, the cash prize will be split equally among those who catch imposters.

The first angler to catch Diamond Jim will also receive a set of one-carat total-weight, round, brilliant diamond stud earrings from Zachary’s Jewelers in Annapolis, and a stack of $1,000 gift cards from participating Maryland tackle shops such as Anglers, AllTackle, Fishbones, Clyde’s, and Marty’s and Herb’s Tackle Shop. These prizes bring the total potential value of Diamond Jim to more than $35,000.

source: Maryland Department of Natural Resources

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