Anne Arundel County Watershed Restoration Grants

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The Anne Arundel Watershed Protection and Restoration Program (WPRP) and the Chesapeake Bay Trust recently announced the recipients of three grants for watershed restoration projects in Anne Arundel County that will improve water quality in Broad Creek, Bacon Ridge Branch Stream, and Whitehall Creek.

The three grants were awarded to two Anne Arundel County nonprofits with individual awards ranging from $136,404 to $370,746.

Grants totaling $671,272 were awarded to support water quality restoration projects that will reduce the amount of pollutants entering Anne Arundel County waterways during and after storm events. This year, one-third of the applications were approved.

The awarded projects include an innovative stream restoration project, a ravine stabilization and step pool conveyance system, and installing stormwater management practices at a historical African-American church.

This last project, located on the grounds of the Asbury-Broadneck United Methodist Church in Annapolis, will be completed in partnership with Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks. The project will upgrade and improve existing stormwater swales at Broadneck Park to rain gardens which will mitigate upland stormwater runoff from running onto the church’s property as well as other neighboring properties.

All of the projects take a low-impact design approach to reducing the amount of sediment, nutrients, and other pollutants running into County

Awardees of the Anne Arundel County Watershed Restoration Grant Program include:

Broad Creek—Department of Health Stream Restoration Phase II
Grant Amount: $370,746

To restore a 750 linear foot highly unstable, stormwater driven gully that flows into Broad Creek. (Grantee organization: South River Federation.)

Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration

Grant Amount: $164,122

To restore 4,350 linear feet of eroding stream using a low-impact design while reconnecting the stream to the floodplain and enhancing wildlife habitat. This project builds on previous restoration projects at this site. (Grantee organization: South River Federation.)

Asbury-Broadneck United Methodist Church

Grant Amount: $136,404

To restore 420 linear feet of eroding ephemeral channel, reducing pollutants to Whitehall Creek, while providing flood protection to a historic African-American cemetery at the site, with improvements to existing stormwater management practices at nearby county-owned Broadneck Park to mitigate upland stormwater runoff. (Grantee Organization: Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.)

source: Chesapeake Bay Trust

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