Memorial Stadium Reef Ball Deployment

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In May, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) vessel Patricia Campbell is scheduled to deploy approximately 100 low profile reef balls in the Memorial Stadium Reef section within the Gales Lumps Oyster Sanctuary.

The reef balls will be deployed with a crane to allow precise placement to ensure compliance with minimum depth requirements and stay within the permit boundaries.
The “Lo-pro” Reef balls have a height of 1.5 feet, width of 2 feet, and weigh 80-130 lbs.

Memorial Stadium Reef Balls Site Location:

Northeast – A) 39-12.473′ N / 76-18.390′ W
Southeast – B) 39-12.458′ N / 76-18.381′ W
Southwest- C) 39-12.423′ N / 76-18.478′ W
Northwest – D) 39-12.438’N / 76-18.488′ W

source: U.S. Coast Guard 5th District LNM

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