Monocacy Scenic River Water Trail Guide

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A new Monocacy Scenic River water trail map and guide is now available to kayakers, canoers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The waterproof and tear-proof guide provides with detailed information on access sites and services along the Monocacy from Rocky Ridge on Maryland Route 77 to the Potomac River.

The Monocacy Scenic River Water Trail: The River with Many Bends was produced through a partnership between the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation, the Tourism Council of Frederick County, the National Park Service Monocacy National Battlefield, and the Monocacy Scenic River Citizens Advisory Board.

“The Monocacy Scenic River Water Trail will draw new and experienced paddlers to the serene waters of the river, adding approximately 42 miles of water trail to the statewide network,” said Lisa Gutierrez, director of DNR’s Public Access and Water Trails Program.

To request a copy, call 301-600-2936, or pick one up at the Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation office, 355 Montevue Lane, Suite 100, Frederick, MD 21702.

The Monocacy Scenic River Water Trail is one of a series of water trail maps and guides produced by DNR in partnership with local governments and other partners.

For more information about Maryland’s water trails, visit

source: Maryland Department of Natural Resources

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