DNR Funds Replacement Of Aging Boat Ramp On Potomac

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The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Montgomery County have partnered to rebuild the Pennyfield boat ramp which provides access to the Potomac River. The ramp is located at the Muddy Branch at the National Park Service aqueduct. This popular location has been used for decades by boaters and anglers.

“The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission appreciates the cooperative efforts with DNR and the National Park Service to design, fund, and construct this project that provides greatly improved access to the aqueduct and Potomac River,” said Project Engineer Andrew Frank. “This location is very popular among avid sportsmen and families alike, and we have received many compliments on the completed project. M-NCPPC anticipates the public will continue to enjoy this improved launch site for decades to come and thanks everyone who helped make it possible.”

DNR provided $99,000 in grant funds to Montgomery County to build a concrete ramp, an in-water stone “j-hook” (that creates deep pooling water downstream from the ramp), place stones along the river banks to help keep them secure, and to create a handicapped accessible parking space. The Montgomery County Department of Parks contributed over $99,000 as well. DNR grant funds are from the Waterway Improvement Fund, which is funded by the 5 percent excise tax boaters pay when they register a boat in Maryland.

This unique boat ramp, which replaces the old wooden boat ramp that had fallen into disrepair, will provide access to hundreds of small flat bottom motorized hunting and fishing boats, and thousands of canoes and kayaks to the Potomac River.

This information is provided as a public service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. www.dnr.maryland.gov

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