2009 Potomac River Ramble

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The 2009 Potomac River Ramble will be held June 24th – 28th. This year’s Ramble will feature the Monocacy Scenic River from the city of Frederick, Md. through the Monocacy Aqueduct and down the Potomac, ending at the McKee – Beshers Wildlife Management Area.

For 2009, events will include:

* Studying aquatic invaders with the Md. Department of Natural Resources and the Hood College Biology Department;

* Examining the inter-sex smallmouth bass problem in the Potomac with the U.S. Geological Survey;

* Interpretive programs at the Monocacy National Battlefield Park;

* Amphibian and wetland surveys with ICPRB and Montgomery County DEP biologists.

The Potomac River Rambles are a series of multi-day canoeing and kayaking expeditions that feature environmental programming, riverside camping, restoration projects, festive meals, meetings with elected officials, and much more.  Novice and experienced paddlers alike enjoy a unique on-the-water experience that builds a strong environmental ethic, while having a lot of fun in the process. The Rambles aim to elevate awareness of the Potomac River’s importance to the region and to encourage local residents to play an active role in its restoration.

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