Chesapeake Conservancy Great Blue Heron Cam

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The Chesapeake Conservancy has announced the launch of its third wildlife webcam, following a successful crowdfunding campaign and corporate donations.

In addition to the osprey and peregrine falcon cams, visitors to the Chesapeake Conservancy’s website can now also enjoy a Great Blue Heron cam (heron cam).

The live-streaming webcam found at, gives viewers around-the-clock coverage of a heron rookery located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

The Chesapeake Conservancy turned to the public for financial support to launch the new webcam by crowdfunding through a campaign. To date, more than $6,500 has been raised from more than 100 donors, ranging from $5 to $500. While the Chesapeake Conservancy will continue to fundraise to support and maintain the cam, this was enough to get the cam up and running.

The cam is powered by Mediacom, who donated equipment and Internet services for the live-stream. Skyline Technology Solutions, Inc., based in Glen Burnie, MD, provided a discounted installation rate and equipment. Skyline also supports the Chesapeake Conservancy’s osprey and peregrine falcon cams. Axis Communications also provided discounted equipment. Generously, a tree company based in Rehobeth, DE, donated their services to mount the cam in the 100-foot-tall pine.

Heron cam features a wider-angle view to capture activity from multiple nests, as well as infrared night vision to see in darkness. Currently, two nests can be seen on the camera, and one is home to two herons alternating incubation of their eggs. It is believed that the eggs are due to hatch in mid-April. The homeowner has named the couple “Rell & Eddie” after the surfers Rell Sunn and Eddie Aikau, both deceased but not forgotten.

The Chesapeake Conservancy currently hosts two successful webcams featuring osprey and peregrine falcons, which have each attracted more than a million views a year from around the world. “Tom and Audrey,” are Kent Island’s celebrity osprey couple, and peregrines “Boh and Barb ” live in downtown Baltimore on the Transamerica skyscraper.

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