Chesapeake Bay Free Fishing Days 2016

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This year, Maryland and Virginia will host free fishing days for anyone that would like to experience Chesapeake Bay fishing without having to purchase a license. Free fishing days will also include freshwater fishing and Atlantic coastal saltwater fishing.




Virginia Free Fishing Days
June 3-5, 2016

June 3, 4, and 5, 2016 have been designated as Free Fishing Days in Virginia. No fishing license of any kind will be required for rod and reel fishing in freshwater or saltwater, except in designated stocked trout waters, on these days. Plan some time to go fishing and boating; take the family fishing and boating or learn to fish and boat

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Maryland Free Fishing Days
June 4, 11, July 4, 2016

During Maryland’s free fishing days, a person may catch and possess finfish in the tidal and nontidal waters of the State for recreational purposes without an angler’s license, Chesapeake Bay sportfishing license, or any fishing stamp normally required by the State, but shall otherwise observe all fishing laws and regulations.

Maryland’s free fishing days are the first two Saturdays in June and July 4.

In Maryland, anglers under 16 years of age are allowed to fish all year without a license. Maryland also features 23 unique license-free fishing areas, where anglers can fish without a license throughout the year.

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