Susquehanna State Park Lapidum Boating Facility Renovations Complete

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According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, renovations of the Lapidum Boating Facility in Susquehanna State Park are now complete. The project was a partnership effort between DNR, the Department of General Services and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

The Lapidum Boating Facility provides an important access point to the Susquehanna River downstream of the Conowingo Dam, an area renowned for fishing, boating, hunting and general recreation for the public.

The renovations included replacing the deteriorated boarding pier with a state-of-the-art floating dock, improving both the safety and ease of use of the facility at the varying water levels experienced at Lapidum.

The stone breakwater was also renovated to provide essential protection from storms and wave action and the parking area was expanded to accommodate more users due to high demand. The new and improved facility is also ADA compliant.

The total cost of the construction phase was $435,000, with funds coming from both state and federal sources. State funding was provided through a DNR Waterway Improvement Fund grant of $135,000.

Revenue for the fund comes from the one-time 5 percent excise tax paid when a boat is purchased and titled in the State of Maryland. The Waterway Improvement Fund was created in 1966 to support the development, use, and enjoyment of all waters in Maryland for the benefit of the general boating public.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service provided $300,000 through the Federal Sport Fish Restoration Program which is a user pay, user benefit grant program funded by federal excise tax on fishing equipment and fuel tax from motor boats.

source: MD DNR

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