MDE Revises Consumption Advisories for Striped Bass and Bluefish

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Revised fish consumption advisories from the Maryland Department of the Environment show that a healthy diet can include more striped bass than previously recommended.

MDE’s revised advisories increase the recommended meal limits for striped bass for nearly every population group for fish caught in the Chesapeake Bay or in Maryland’s Atlantic coastal waters.

The new recommendations stem from recent test results that showed a significant decline in levels of contaminants in striped bass from Maryland waters. Also, MDE data suggest that contaminant levels are even lower in striped bass fillets prepared, as the Department has long recommended, without fatty portions of the fish.

The striped bass, also known as rockfish, is the iconic species of Maryland sport fishing. Its population, once so threatened that a moratorium was placed on its harvesting, has rebounded in recent years.

The revised advisories being announced also include recommendations on the consumption of bluefish caught in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Coast.

MDE publicizes fish consumption advisories in a number of ways, including information on the Department’s website, postings at fishing locations as practical, and through outreach to target audiences such as anglers, through the guidebook typically distributed with fishing licenses, and to pregnant women and to children, through WIC centers.

source: MDE

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