DNR Certifies Oxford Boatyard As Newest Maryland Clean Marina

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Oxford Boatyard is the latest marine facility to join the ranks of Maryland’s Certified Clean Marinas. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) certified the facility March 30 following a site visit. Together with 25 smaller facilities designated as Clean Marina Partners, Maryland now boasts 141 certified facilities.

“Every new Clean Marina shows the commitment this industry has to protecting our natural resources,” said DNR Clean Marina Program Administrator Donna Morrow. “Nearly a quarter of the marine facilities in this State have come on board with this voluntary program. Clean Marina practices are not always easy but marinas and boatyards choose to implement them because they understand the importance of clean water. I hope others will follow this example and get involved.”

The full service boatyard is 144 years old and features a 75 ton travel lift to haul boats out for repairs and refits. The yard’s specialties include custom cabinetry, electronics, mechanical, painting and rigging services. They also have a ship’s store, two sewage pump-out stations, and large work sheds.

“We’re glad to be a Clean Marina,” said Oxford Boatyard Manager Graham Norbury. “Once I made up my mind to do it, it took a few months, but the facility is cleaner for the environment, which makes it better for our staff and customers too.”

Norbury sees to it that all hazardous materials are collected and removed by a licensed hauler for proper disposal. Used engine oil, antifreeze and batteries are recycled. Additionally, Norbury prepares emergency response plans and ensures key staff members are trained on those procedures. The boatyard also maintains a pump-out station to empty sewage from holding tanks on boats.

The Maryland Clean Marina Initiative is a voluntary program started in 1998 and administered by DNR. The program’s goal is to reduce non-point source pollution from marinas, boatyards and recreational boats. Marine facilities of any size can seek the Clean Marina Award.

The Clean Marina Guidebook, Award Checklist and Steps to Certification are all available at www.dnr.maryland.gov/boating. There is no cost to participate and benefits include recognition by the DNR, permission to use the Clean Marina logo, and a cleaner environment in and around the marina.

This information is provided as a public service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. www.dnr.maryland.gov

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