Magothy River Concert and Celebration

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The Nautical Wheelers will perform at Dobbins Island Anchorage on June 14, 2008 from 6pm to 9 pm. The event will honor the historic event of Captain John Smith’s exploration of the Magothy River on June 12,1608.

The Magothy River Association has declared June 12 Magothy River Day! A celebration of Magothy River Day, will be hosted by The Magothy River Association on FLAG DAY, Saturday, June 14, 2008. Come join in for a number of family fun activities within the protected waters of the historic Dobbins Island anchorage.

The Nautical Wheelers will entertain boaters by performing on a boat anchored in the anchorage.

BYOB (Bring your own boat)

Activities Planned:

4pm Rendezvous at Dobbins island (Free parking)
5 pm Re-enactment of Captain John Smith landing on the Dobbins Island sand bar officially declaring “ the Dobbins Recreational Area as the LAND of Pleasant Living”
6 pm to 9 pm Band Concert featuring the Nautical Wheelers
9:30 pm Christmas light boat parade back to home ports Be patriotic, June 14 is flag day the color of the day is Red White and Blue the color of the night is up to you.

Details contact Friends of Dobbins at

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