Chesapeake Bay Foundation Osprey Tracking Project

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The annual migration of osprey from their wintering grounds in South America is now underway, and raptor enthusiasts can track the movements of three Chesapeake Bay osprey at

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s (CBF) Osprey Tracking Project was designed to enhance understanding of this iconic species, and the three birds were chosen because they are frequently seen by students participating in CBF’s Education Programs. This technology enables students to see the birds in the wild and study their daily travels from the classroom.

The return of osprey to the Chesapeake Bay, generally in March, is a traditional sign of spring. The Chesapeake Bay has the most concentrated population of osprey in the world, but they can also be found in places as far away as Siberia, the Red Sea, and Canada. While here in the Chesapeake, osprey, also called fish hawks, dine primarily on menhaden.

The tracking devices were donated by Microwave Telemetry, Inc., and were installed by professional ornithologists.

source: Chesapeake Bay Foundation

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