DNR Seeks Sponsors for the 2010 Maryland Bay Game

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The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is inviting citizens, businesses and organizations to become sponsors of the 2010 Maryland Bay Game. Through games, trivia, puzzles and outdoor activities, this award-winning natural resources activity book has inspired kids to learn about and connect with their natural world for over a decade.

“I know this is a difficult economic time, but the Bay Game is an investment in our future,” said DNR secretary John Griffin. “It’s a fun, educational opportunity for Maryland children. The 2010 Bay Game will guide our children into becoming responsible and informed stewards.”

This publication is sought-after by tens of thousands of families, civic and community groups, scouting organizations, environmentalists and educators throughout Maryland and the region. One-quarter million print copies were distributed statewide in 2009 through public libraries, welcome centers, State Parks and public schools. An electronic version of the Bay Game is also available on the DNR website, which receives over 1.5 million unique visitors annually.

The Bay Game is written and designed by DNR staff, but printing and distribution is paid entirely by sponsors. There are several opportunities for businesses to sponsor the Bay Game through logos, website exposure, full and half-page sponsorships and more while also ensuring another summer filled with interactive and engaging outdoor activities for Maryland children. Donations are tax deductible, though sponsors should review the requirements outlined in IRS Publication 526 and consult their tax advisor.

In 2008, Governor O’Malley signed an Executive Order establishing the Maryland Partnership for Children in Nature, a program that is being used as a national model of environmental education and awareness. This coalition of state, local, private and non-profit partners is charged with promoting the well-being of young people by accelerating environmental learning and expanding opportunities for outdoor experiences. The 2010 Maryland Bay Game will reinforce this commitment to the development of Maryland children as future stewards.

For more information please visit http://www.dnr.state.md.us/baygame/ or contact Jill Kubatko at 410-260-8007 or jkubatko@dnr.state.md.us.

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