Chesapeake Bay Bald Eagles

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For Chesapeake Bay enthusiasts, spotting a bald eagle is usually a memorable experience. Bald eagles are found throughout the estuary. During the Summer, eagles nest, feed and raise their young. In Winter, greater numbers of bald eagles visit the Chesapeake, following seasonal prey that migrate seasonally.

In Spring, spawning migrations of herring, shad and other fish attract bald eagles.

In May and June, beavers, muskrats and other marsh wildlife bear their young. When young rodents and other mammals begin to explore their surroundings, bald eagles are often nearby, waiting for an easy meal.

During the Fall, fish migrate down streams, creeks and rivers that eventually empty into the Chesapeake Bay. These events are attended by eagles searching for food.

In some parts of the Chesapeake, bald eagles congregate during the winter months to feed. Bald eagles are often found around flocks of snow geese and other waterfowl. Throughout the region, snow geese congregate in great numbers to rest and feed. During these stopovers, snow goose flocks are usually patrolled by one or more bald eagles.

Bald eagles can also be spotted during the Winter along creeks, rivers and shorelines, feeding on fish that succumb to cold water temperatures.

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