Chesapeake Bay Getaways

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While on weekend getaways or excursions to the Chesapeake Bay region, visitors often choose to stay at bed and breakfasts or small inns.

Bed and breakfasts, also known as b&b inns are a popular option for vacationers. Bed and breakfast inns are typically more expensive than motels, but usually offer a more romantic atmosphere. The Chesapeake Bay region has a good selection of bed and breakfasts and other inns.

Meals are typically very good at bed and breakfasts. Most establishments provide a full breakfast, with traditional breakfast foods being served. A breakfast at these inns may also include fresh baked scones, muffins or other breads as well as a variety of fresh juices and coffee.

Bed and breakfasts and small inns usually have a selection of local wines and champagnes. Some the America’s top wines are produced within a short distance from the Chesapeake Bay. Most inns have information available about local wineries and wine tours.

One advantage of staying at a Chesapeake Bay inn or other getaway is the personal attention that patrons receive. Innkeepers are usually knowledgeable about local attractions. Bed and breakfast owners often partner with local businesses and may feature special pricing for guests that need outside services. Whether it’s arranging a boat cruise or simply helping guests find their way around local towns, innkeepers can usually offer information and assistance.

Inns of the Chesapeake Bay region may include historic homes, cottages, or modern structures. Room or suite rentals are usually offered by the day or week. Off season rates are usually lower than peak season, with some inns offering exceptional deals in the cooler months. During the summer season, accommodations are harder to obtain. Waterfront accommodations are the most difficult to acquire, with some inns booked months or more in advance.

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