2010 State of the Magothy River Meeting

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The Magothy River Association will hold its eighth annual “State of the Magothy River” presentation on Wednesday, February 17, 2010, starting at 6:30 PM. The meeting will feature the annual Magothy River Index.

“This year, I am disappointed to report that the aquatic health of the Magothy River dropped again, to 28% – we are giving letter grades for the first time and it got a “D” grade. As a result of this poor water quality, the MRA has suspended our efforts to grow and restore underwater grasses in the Magothy, which we have done every year since 2003. I believe a “D” grade doesn’t mean that the Magothy River is “Doomed.” If we implement a strategy that builds on personal stewardship and community restoration, and demands legal and political actions to enforce environmental regulations and control development, we can clean up our river.” – MRA President Paul Spadaro

Scheduled speakers:

1) 2009 Magothy River Index. Prepared by Dr. Peter Bergstrom, NOAA and MRA. (Produced each year since 2003)
2) MRA and the World Bank: Working Together to Support Community Science, by Dr. Carolyn Winter
3) MRA Committees: Education/Action; Stormwater/Runoff; Zoning/Enforcement


1. MRA kayak raffle
2. Watershed Stewards Academy
3. Bayland Consultants, Mill Creek and North Cyprus Branch Restoration
4. Friends of Dobbins Island
5. Magothy River Land Trust – Conservation Easements in the Magothy Watershed
6. Magothy SAV Surveys – How you can help
7. Magothy River Day

Doors and displays open at 6:30. Program to start at 7:00. Following the presentations, there will be refreshments and time to visit the displays and chat with watershed residents and the experts. Are you interested in clean water, healthy fish, living oyster reefs, and limiting suburban effects on the Magothy?  Come and see how you can help!

Date:    Wednesday February 17, 2010
Place:   Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, East Campus
Humanities Building, (HUM on map), Room 112 (use Parking Lot A or B)
Map at:  http://www.aacc.edu/locationsandmaps/file/ArnoldCampusMapCMYK_10_09.pdf

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