Waterway Organizations Form Arundel Rivers Federation

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South River Federation and West/Rhode Riverkeeper, Inc. have officially consolidated their two nonprofit organizations into the Arundel Rivers Federation, effective January 1, 2019.

The organization’s new board of directors is comprised of members from both legacy organizations and leaders have established watershed advisory boards for the South River and the greater West/Rhode River watersheds.

“We have a new name and a new logo to start the new year, but our focus continues to be using science and engaging the community to protect and restore our rivers and waterways,” said Don Santa, the new chair of Arundel River Federation’s board of directors.

Jesse Iliff, the South Riverkeeper, and Jeff Holland, the West/Rhode Riverkeeper are now both part of the Arundel Rivers Federation. They will continue their river patrols and prioritize restoration in their respective rivers, but will also collaborate on programs and activities that cross watershed boundaries.

Arundel Rivers will focus on an expanded area that includes the South, West and Rhode Rivers, along with the Herring Bay watershed.

The new watershed advisory boards will work on watershed-related programs and advocate for issues in the respective areas. A list of the full board of directors and the chairs of the watershed advisory boards may be found at www.arundelrivers.org/about-us/board.

Organization leaders says the consolidation allows them to share services and administration, and that this economy of scale means each and every dollar will go further.

The organization also expects to have greater political influence to work with state and local elected leaders to enact policies that will protect our natural resources and our quality of life.

Arundel Rivers will be the largest regional watershed organization in Anne Arundel County, spanning the watersheds of three rivers including nearly 53,000 acres.

source: Form Arundel Rivers Federation

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