Lee Hall Dam Replacement

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lee hall dam newport news va
Lee Hall Dam credit: City of Newport News

In 2015, The Newport News City Council appropriated funds to replace Lee Hall Reservoir Dam. The new dam was designed to meet or exceed dam safety regulations that had been enacted in recent years, according to the City of Newport News.

Work began in August 2015 and the construction is ongoing. The Lee Hall water treatment plant has remained in service during construction.

The project is divided into four phases:

Phase 1 – the construction of the new 165’ wide concrete principal spillway channel and utility relocations

Phase 2 – activities to construct the armored emergency spillway embankment, completed. Phase 2 work also included embankment modifications in other sections of the dam to increase ease of dam maintenance and inspection.

Phase 3 – A new outlet works facility will be constructed

Phase 4 – The final phase will include the completion of the labyrinth spillway, site restoration, and other work.

The new armored emergency spillway extends 1,115 feet in length and is comprised of Articulated Concrete Block which extends from the top of the dam to the downstream toe of the dam.

This new emergency spillway will assist in transferring water downstream in the event of an embankment overflow flooding event.

source: City of Newport News

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