Maryland Stream Restoration Challenge Winners

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On December 14, 2012, Maryland announced the first round of winners in the State’s Stream Restoration Challenge grant program.

The new program plans to provide up to $6 million to help local governments, school systems, and non-governmental organizations carryout projects to improve Chesapeake Bay water quality while offering service learning and environmental literacy activities for students.

The State selected 29 of 34 proposals submitted from across Maryland to receive funding. The proposals were chosen based on how effective, efficient and economical they would be and which would support the most student participation.

DNR plans to release a second request for proposals in early 2013 to continue to help interested organizations carryout projects that will meet Bay restoration and Maryland Environmental Literacy goals.

The funding for the grants is made available through the Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund.

More information on the Maryland Stream Restoration Challenge, visit:

source: MD DNR

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